Friday, 28 September 2012


Following the development of the designs and looking over our group crit feedback, we decided on what we needed to improve and re analyse. Then we allocated ourselves specific tasks, to ensure we would have everything completed by the deadline, and to spread the workload so to speak.

This was our Action Plan:

  1. Budgeting statement for the introductory text on the postcard - Explaining what budgeting is, and how to control it.
  2. Exercise statement for the introductory text on the postcard - Explaining why exercising is important, and how we can fit this in with our daily routine as students. State that all our alternatives to the gym are free.
  3. Design envelope net.
  4. Powerpoint with individual postcards, sources and envelope net/design.
  5. Powerpoint script for oral presentation, and allocate parts to members of our group.
  6. Print an example to see if the font size of on our infograph is clear, or if it needs to be larger.
  7. Print envelope net on A3 paper, to scale. 
  8. Print to size postcards which can be handed around the class, as examples during the presentation.
  9. Print the main infograph poster, which is also to be included.
  10. Finish food and exercise vectors.
I was responsible for putting the powerpoint presentation together, designing the envelope net, and wording the text for the infograph and printing, along with Ewan. Whilst Harrison finished the final alterations on our final design, Abi continued research.

These were our final designs for our infograph explaining 'How to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as a first year student living on a budget?':

As you can see, me and Harrison worked very closely when it came to design, to ensure the fonts, colours, type size, spacings, layout and format were exactly the same so when put together as one infographic postcards, it flows together as a poster.

I really like the designs we came up with. I think that they are fitting to the audience, and I think they give of the right tone with being informative but not highly instructional. By including facts it also educates the reader. I believe our infograph to solve our 'how to' problem, fitted the brief we were given, and due to positive feedback could be successful.

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