Thursday, 27 September 2012


Today we had our first group crit. It was based around our 'How To' project. We had 5 minutes to present it to a different group, and then 5 minutes to answer questions. Here is the plan for points we needed to raise in our presentation:

These will be the main points to address also in our powerpoint presentation.

After we had given our presentation to another group, they wrote down some feedback and gave us some constructive criticisms. Overall the response to the work we had done by the time of the crit, had grown and developed further, and was in it's final stages. We were hoping for comments on how we can further enhance it, before we finalise the design for print.

The main points which were raised during feedback were:

- understandable and clear to read and see.
- shopping baskets and quit smoking chart were very informative.
- boring information in a fun infographic way so you want to read it.
- clear layout.
- primary research was thorough.
- problems with not addressing commuting students and mature students.
- good infographic research on design context blog.
- practical research.
- not considered foods for vegetarians/vegans?
- small text?
- could post through doors at accommodation to put up on notice boards in flats.
- designin the envelope?

Overall our feedback was very positive. After discussing the feedback we received, we decided not to include separate shopping baskets for vegetarians and vegans, along with commuting students and mature students. Students who live at home, or who are older than most other students, tend to not have the same problems as those freshers who are living away for the first time. However, we designed this for the majority of students. Perhaps if this idea was to be developed further at a later date, alternative issues as just mentioned could possible be raised too.

The postcards are aimed at first year students, so we decided to give them out at student residences as well as freshers fairs. After talking about accommodation, we thought it would also be a good idea to make a pull out poster of the complete infograph, opposed to separate information cards, which would be included also. It would fold out, with an A5 side per section. It could be displayed on student notice boards, to help inform others also. first time, and who have these problems to face with no help from their parents, etc.

We decided to look at the font size again and when tested out at actual A5 size print, the text is clear and legible. 

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