Monday, 24 September 2012


Following our task with Amber on Friday, we took the initial question we had to solve, and were asked to work in our groups to resolve the problem in an interesting and engaging way, to appeal to our target audience and solve the problem at hand.

Our 'How To' is 'How to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being a new student on a budget?'

Myself and the remainder of the group, which consists of Harrison Park, Ewan North, Jamie Pudsey and Abi Nelson, discussed the issue at hand and how we could go about this brief.

This is the brainstorm we did as a group:

You can see from looking at the brainstorm, you can see that we decided are target audience, which would be first year students at Leeds College of Art, as well as neighbouring Universities and College during Freshers Week/Freshers Fair's around the city. The audience we are targeting varies from 18 years old, to mature students, so the design has to appeal to everyone, which is why we have chosen to go for a minimalistic design using infographics, in the form of A5 informative postcards which are given away in packs. Each postcard will feature either, Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Food or Exercise as well as guiding the student on budgeting throughout. 

The tone of the information pack we will be designing is informative and educational, as well as being lighthearted and easy to read. We are hoping that through the design of infographics and text, the audience will be stimulated visually and therefore will engage with the information being told, without seeming dull and boring, It should also be persuasive in the sense of encouraging good health and a good attitude. 

We are planning on having a Twitter feed and a Facebook account so people can use it as a further source of information, on the cheapest supermarket shop of the week, so students are aware of money saving offers that are up to date and current, and readily available. They can also use it as a diary if wanted to record food and drink consumption etc.. Besides being useful for students, this will be a good way to see how the information packs are being received, and we can see if the idea is working as well or not as desired.

We plan on informing people of information such as the units of alcohol in relation to spirits, lager, etc and how this compares to your daily intake allowance. This will be the same for healthy eating. We will also have prices for food, drink, alcohol and tobacco, as we feel young people may not be put off smoking, for example, by this information pack, but will still be able to save money, whilst we encourage a healthier lifestyle, in hope that people will see the benefits. 

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