Sunday, 23 September 2012


After playing a game of what seemed like musical chairs to find which group Amber had placed us in, we settled down in our groups to a brief called 'How to'. This consisted of us being in 11 groups of 5/6 students, and were given the task of thinking of 100 problems that we, as first year Graphic Design students at LCA faced when we started this course, which can be solved.

Myself and 4 other students comprised a list of 69 problems which can arise when starting Higher Education. These all ranged from comical scenarios on nights out, to money, transport and health, amongst understanding different regional accents and living away from home with unruly flatmates. 

My personal problems differed a lot compared to the others in my group, as I am living at home commuting, my problems were the ones that shocked everyone in my group, such as waking up at 6am and commuting on the train; whilst others couldn't find the local supermarket or laundrette. However, due to the difference in lifestyles and backgrounds, it gave us a much broader range of problems to discuss, to see which could be solved. We all found this beneficial to the task.

We then were asked to choose 10 we thought were most suitable and wrote them on an A2 piece of paper, and passed them it to the next group. Every group did this in turn, to ensure every group had a different set of problems. They were then narrowed down to 3 problems. After some debate, we chose 1 problem and wrote it out on a piece of paper. This was done to mix up the problems the groups had chosen, giving us 1 problem over all at random to work on for our brief which is to be delivered on Monday with Amber.

The 'how to' question we came up with (which we then neatened up!)

This was the same around all the 11 groups, so amongst us we had hundreds of problems, and these were the selected 11:

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