Friday, 5 October 2012


After experimenting with moving the components of a letterform, and dissecting them, so to speak, I realised I didn't think the overall look of physically moving parts around was very legible. I wanted to try to show these without doing so, and wanted to try and incorporate the human anatomy too, to tie in with the concept behind my design.

I have chosen to use a basic Serif font; Times New Roman. It can be easily manipulated and developed, and it's perfect for showing the anatomy of type as the features are clearly visible and bold.

However, to start I chose 10 letterforms that I knew I could analyse in a clever way, incorporate illustration to help educate, almost done in an old fashioned, traditional way. 

Seeing as I designed a font around the anatomy of a font. I began by literally dissecting the typeface in order to see the components which it is made up, by being slightly clever and illustrative. I decided to try working with inks, due to the absorbent paper I was working with. Marker pens were hard to add detail with and my designs weren't as precise. With drawing inks, they gave the cleanest finish with deep tones, after drawing up my initial ideas.

I printed the 10 letter forms our that I wanted to use for this task, and printed them out to size. I used layout paper to originally trace the outline of the letterform, so I could work out where the appropriate illustrations should be. 

I decided to separate the type components, so the element being highlighted is visible and easy to find and understand using a lighter block colour. These are the ones which shall be pointed out, and some relation to the human anatomy shall be made to be slightly humorous, quirky and clever.

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