Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Using the skills I had previously learnt in the software workshops for my final typeface design, I used the Pen tool to draw a varied of long, thin lines. 

These were manipulated using the anchor points and handles, allowing me to create a 'vein like' series of lines, which I put together in a suitable pattern. I

 felt like a monochrome typeface alone would be slightly stark, and serious for this brief, as I wanted to do something fun and slightly more slight hearted, than my original idea of 'type anatomy'. I had experimented with this on illustrator, using a literal illustration of dissection and felt it didn't work. 

I added Pantone colours to the veins in different opacities of black/grey and blue, until I had achieved the look I wanted. I wanted the colours to show fade and tonal change, to make the typeface more visually pleasing.

I chose the font 'Ribbon' to use, as the typeface has cut outs which show as a different colour when finished with a clipping mask, and is delicate but bold, like the print and concept of dissection I have chosen. 

Layers and objects selected.

I added the type and created outlines on the typeface to make it an object so I can manipulate it easily. I enlarged to the desired size and positioned on top. I added a light grey background under the print which was an experiment, which I ended up liking and continuing throughout. 

Letterforms were placed using rules and grids to ensure they were the same size, and laid out correctly. 

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