Wednesday, 17 October 2012


This is my final typeface design. It is laid out on A1 trace paper and was drawn out with a HB pencil, then further detailed with a fineliner, and grey marker pen for shading and detail. I secured the A1 trace on to a piece of white mount board for sturdiness.  

You can see here some of the details in the letterforms. Some have grey marker also for shading and to create extra pattern and texture. You can see on the 'X' I used a grey marker to create a 3D look and depth, and on 'O' I used pattern and tone to create a geometric mosaic. 

I feel like my typeface really reflects my parter and his personality. with his interest in geometric shapes being shown as well as the thin simple typeface itself, showing my partners quiet, reserved side but inside is very opinionated and has strong likes and dislikes. 

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