Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Using Photoshop I set up an A1 canvas, and added my type at 350pt after experimenting from 250pt upwards to find a size for the type which would allow the letterforms to be legible and all at the same scale to fit on the page. Once I was happy with my layout, I printed this out on 2 A3 pieces of paper, so I could align and use the basic Futura font as the base for my typeface.

This is the aligned typeface under the A1 trace paper I used for my final design to be drawn onto. 

When I was drawing out the letterforms, I changed my mind about how I had designed the 'Z' and came up with 2 alternatives. I wasn't happy about how the type looked uneven and unbalanced when placed in order. I chose the first alternative, as the main diagonal structure mirrors 'Y' and '/' allowing the typeface to flow smoothly throughout.

I used my design sheets with geometric and linear style patterns and shapes, and began to draw the details on to the letterforms. I used gridded paper to make sure the sizes and lines were all accurate. 

Here are some of the drawn up letterforms:

Once I had everything drawn up as I wanted, I added on extra details and gave some letters some shading and depth depending on the letterform/glyph and the patterns used. 

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