Friday, 5 October 2012


Here I pulled away segments of the typeface which are to be labelled, to show the dissection. I drew a dashed line so the elements are still connected and legible, and show the audience that is where that component comes from. However, I am not very happy with this first idea, and I think it could be improved.

I did the same here, and attempted to make the letters look 3D. I used marker pen for this one, but it didn't work as well as pencil or fine liner as it bled easily when shading and due to the layout paper soaked through. So if I was to use marker pens I would need to use a higher quality stock.

After looking at the meanings 'dissect' and looking into Anatomy of type and the human body, I started to develop ideas for the design of my typeface.

Here I tried to illustrate a heart being torn out of the letter, however this didn't work very, or look as effective as I had hoped. This is something though which has been good to try to know that I need to think of simpler, more basic designs so it doesn't take away from the letterform being designed. 

After the letterform 'O' didn't work as well as I had hoped, I tried to show more literal dissection of the letter, revealing the main structure, but linking it to the stem of the letter. I also drew on a line showing where the shoulder starts and finishes, highlighting the anatomy of a letterform, as well as showing human anatomy. 

I think that this is a clever concept which I think I can continue to develop and use for this task, and apply it similarly to other letterforms. 

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