Tuesday, 30 October 2012



Produce an alphabet based on one of the letterforms you created from the Alphabet Soup, Visual Thinking brief. Once again you are restricted to using one colour and it is to be produced in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key). Although you are restricted to one colour you experiment with opacity and half tones.


Think visually. Consider what the visual essence of your subject matter is and how best to communicate it. How can these letterforms that you created be developed further now that you are working digitally? The following terms may prove useful:
Trace, edit, layer, combine, outline, silhouette, positive/negative, contrast.
Make mistakes in order to learn from them.
For this workshop the emphasis is on investigation and experimentation. You will develop a quantity of material that will allow you to maximise your understanding of the applications potential within the time available. 
One of the problems with software is that everyone has access to it but not everyone knows how to use it creatively. Abode illustrator is primarily used for the generation of vector-based images and as a type tool. When used as a means for visual investigation it offers the potential for rapid generation of visual variations. The possibilities of which can used as a springboard for further visual research.

The image I have chosen to use is the 'n' from the following:

I felt using illustrator I would be able to try out different methods and achieve an illustrated digital typeface using blue also to add detail and depth. Some designs wouldn't work well with all letterforms like the spine on the 's' and the vein pattern is something reproducible and effective. 

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