Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I wanted to start by experimenting with literally dissecting a type face into its many separate components, such as, Shoulder or Serif. 

I decided to use a standard, well known, reproducible Serif font, Times New Roman, as collectively it has many elements to point out, so it is varied and could be expanded. It's features are easy to illustrate and explain also.

I chose to use lowercase for this brief, not uppercase, as they generally are most used and are made up of more elements. 
I digitally manipulated the letterform at first, to experiment with layout and the angles of the 'dissected' features. 

I wasn't sure about the angles of this particular idea. I don't feel like all letters would be legible, which could be a problem in the future, and I think the angles should be more severe if the idea was to be developed, to enhance the features.

I think the design of this is much more legible and smart, and I have decided to take this further with my development. 

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