Saturday, 13 October 2012


After I had researched more of James' interests in Graphic Design I began to draw up some initial ideas based on Geometry, and I used the font Futura as a base. This is my partner's favourite font and seems to fit his personality by not being in your face or too bold.

I realised that by incorporating Negative Space I would be limited on scale and legibility so decided against this idea.

These were the beginning of my ideas, and what I showed my crit goup and Amber and Simon. They were drawn on layout paper after initially tracing the Fututra letterforms. I used a variety of marker pens, fine liners and pencils for these designs. 

I used a compass to try and achieve a style to reflect anatomy, however I wasn't sure how they would work as a typeface, and would be used for more illustrative purposes.

I felt that these 3 designs best reflected my partner's personality the best, and would be taken and developed for the next letterforms which were to be designed. 

I particularly liked the geometric shapes which were used giving texture, depth and style, in a neat, clean and polished way. I also decided to change elements of the letterforms to create a sleeker, 'quieter' font. I didn't want the typography to be too bold or in your face, as my partner is more relaxed, quieter and laid back.  

I tried to incorporate elements from the best designs for the letterform 'A' to develop a more intricate design. 

I altered the shape of the letterform 'B' first design above, giving a more geometric quirkiness. I really like the design and feel it's very effective, but perhaps more suitable for design on a larger scale, as when put together as a set, the type wouldn't be very legible. 

For the next letterform I wanted to alter the shape entirely, so I could try adding different shapes and patterns inside to create a clean cut, geometric typeface. I feel like this suits my partner well, but again may be too fussy and cluttered for his personality and design preferences.

I also designed the letterform 'C' in the same way that I had designed the 'A', stripping the typeface back to its basic form, and the extending the left hand side of the typeface as the main structure for the font. I feel the geometric patterns inside the letterform could also be developed further. Overall I feel this is the design I should focus and enhance, as it fits the criteria and my partner perfectly. 

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