Friday, 19 October 2012


I wanted to digitally create my name badge for my partner, to show variation and how the typeface would look if it was all created in the same way.

I wrote out the necessary text and once sized aligned properly, and traced over the type as desired. I felt like this process was much easier and less time consuming than hand rendered type, and gave a much cleaner, polished look. 

I really like how the details and patterns looked when digitally rendered. 

I added extra details such as the patterned circle of the base of the 'J' and an underline coming from the letter 'K'. These were for aesthetic purposes. 

Designing the typeface digitally made me much more aware of scale as I had previously been working at a scale appropriate for A1 whilst the name badge was to be made to the dimensions of 45mm x 90mm. On screen this didn't seem to make a vast difference but when printed it was considerably smaller, but still legible. The only downside was due to the small, intricate lines and shapes used inside the letterforms this made some not as easy to make out, and harder to add colour.

I decided to print off my name badge on plain white paper, which would then be stuck to card and cut down to size. Any colour detailing would be added afterwards. This was my final design for the name badge, complete with colour:

I tried adding colour inside the letterforms however I felt that this ruined the typeface and style I was going for. It was hard to place colour into the the type without detracting from the actual pattern and detail being shown.

 I decided to use 2 shades of purple and a turquoise ink to make the letters stand apart from each other and make the letterforms 'pop' so to speak. 

I am happy with my final name badge as the type is legible and fits my partners personality and character, as well as showing his interests in design. It is based on his favourite font Futura, and has splashes of his favourite colours. 

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