Sunday, 21 October 2012


We were asked to put our typefaces into a different context opposed to just relating them to our partners. I thought instantly about an editorial magazine spread/title due to the detailing, then decided to work on a smaller scale, and decided to re work a clothing tag from a high street store. I thought about Urban Outfitters, however they have a strong, hip, brand image already, and I wanted to try and improve and modernise the logo of an existing store. I decided on River Island, a popular, well known store, which in my opinion is due a make over in every sense - from branding, to in store design and clothes. I wanted to make it much more straight edge, quirky with a bit of hip/aztec styling.

This is the clothing tag I based my design around. It is 35m x 95mm and is made of a black, rubber like material. The tag can be easily manipulated and will retain it's shape. The images of the tag used as a basis are shown below.

Variations of tag colour:
Classic Monochome


Cream and Black

I personally like the black and white inverted tag and the cream and black colour schemes the best. I feel they'd work best for the brand and their corporate colours used, unlike the monochrome scheme which is a bit too polished and sharp for River Island. On the tag which the size and layout is based upon, the type used is cream on top of a black background. 

I feel the typeface works really well in this context as well as the work created for my partner James. I think it shows that it is a versatile font and the detail/pattern inside the letterforms could be changed seasonally or for different brands, or even for different aesthetic purposes allowing for even more versatility. 

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