Friday, 16 November 2012


During today’s workshop, we were asked to look at the aesthetics of design, and why a piece of design is either good or bad, visually, using aesthetic criteria.

I had taken 6 images to the workshop – type based design which I like and dislike, a piece of design based on image which I like and dislike, and again the same for type and image.

I then chose two images, my favorite like and dislike images and asked to describe them using 5 descriptive terms, which are relative to the design and my personal preferences.

These suited my images I thought quite well, and showed the characteristics I instantly saw when I looked at them, in class and when they were found during research. My aesthetic response was immediate, and later on in the workshop we were asked to look at each other’s images also, and ‘assign’ two of them aesthetic responses. We then compared against each other to see if you had managed to get the same points across.  

For this we had 5 seconds for one aesthetic response, 10 seconds for two responses and 20 seconds for the final three .  My opinion compared to others is subjective, as everyone has personal tastes and interests, however sometimes you can appreciate design but not understand why. This was a point raised by several fellow students.  

Collectively my class came up with an extensive list of characteristics that we all used to describe the designs we had in front of us. These were aesthetically driven responses and are shown below:

-       Illustrative
-       Simple
-       Clever
-       Relatable
-       Hand rendered
-       Clean
-       Symmetry
-       Minimal
-       Sophisticated
-       Interesting
-       Crisp
-       Textured
-       Execution
-       Harmonized
-       Organic
-       Colourful
-       Linear
-       Geometric
-       Illuminosity
-       Playful

-       Blurry
-       Pixelated
-       Cluttered
-       Random
-       Illegible
-       Boring
-       Grainy
-       Dull
-       Cheesy
-       Inconsistent
-       Silly
-       Confusing
-       Cheap
-       Weird
-       Colourful
-       Complicated
-       Garish

It is important to identify both positive and negative aesthetics, as aesthetic rules and decisions can either make a piece of design aesthetically pleasing or not so pleasing.

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