Friday, 9 November 2012


For this poster it needed to be solely image based. I wanted something powerful and patriotic, yet in keeping with the style, colours and imagery used for the first 2 posters.

I worked on my design ideas as shown below, before starting to digitally create my poster.

I began with two photos, which I created clipping masks for over the shape of a thought bubble - the same shape and concept as the first poster. The images selected are the front and back of the same image. Below is a photo of Barack Obama standing powerful and strong, showing him thinking about winning the campaign, and waving to his country, his voters, and his fans. The idea was to show these images as his thoughts in an attempt to persuade.

These images were edited in the same was as described previously with Hue/Saturation and Colour Balance on Photoshop and then took the images into Illustrator to work from further.

The same colours were used as in the other 2 posters, and again were Pantone based colours. I added 4 more thought bubbles in red and blue. and as shown below I added 'stars and stripes' to add patriotism. 

Final Design:

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