Thursday, 8 November 2012


For this poster I wanted to make it powerful through type and imagery, whilst leaving a warm, heart felt appeal from the President. I wanted the imagery and text to call people in and vote for Obama. 

I decided on the headline "Let the world breathe a sigh of relief"to show how unity amongst the world in the hope and prosperity of Barack Obama. From my research I found out that the UK, Germany and other European countries are backing Obama for the election, including UK Prime minister David Cameron.

I started off with a black and white image, which I wanted to colorise to fit the colour scheme of my posters - red, blue and cream - patriotic American colours.

My first initial idea for this poster, was to design something contemporary, modern and illustrative, which is colourful, happy and appealing to a college/university aged voters in the US. 

I began by experimenting, using Photoshop, using half tone. I edited the highlights, mid tones and shadows so they were different tones or red and blue. I felt however, that the image wasn't suitable as it didn't fit the aesthetics of the type poster created, and wouldn't look right as a set/series. This idea was disregarded.

I then attempted to use the 'live trace' and 'live paint' tools on Illustrator. I attempted to try and make the yellow section blue, however it didn't look right or fit the visual image I was going for.

This is my third attempt at colour change, and is the one which I used on my poster design. 

I used the Hue/Saturation tool to adjust the colour and to re introduce it into the black and white image. When I had the colour I wanted I edited the Colour Balance as seen above, to tweak the colour and ensure it's fitting for the design and the poster previously created. I will need to repeat these steps for the 3rd poster also.

Photoshop view.

I then took the image into Illustrator where I added text, and changed the colours so they are exactly the same as the first poster, to remain consistent. The image was then added, and the type adjusted to make sure it fitted perfectly, and any kerning/spacing/size alterations could take place.

Final Design:

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