Thursday, 8 November 2012


This shows the development of my poster featuring the development from my initial ideas. You can see I decided to go with the thought bubbles, and inside I wanted to summarise Obama's campaign policies, as well as adding his key achievements which have helped his appeal for remaining in the White House for a 2nd term.

I used illustrator and began by using the pen tool to draw out the thought bubbles, and I would then add the policies inside, so when the outline was removed, the text was shaped as I desired.

I wanted to include different fonts, making the policies easy to read in particular areas for relative ideas, and appeal to a younger audience, by making it slightly informal and making it aesthetically pleasing. I wanted to use a variety of fonts reflecting American College and their stereotypical high school fonts, as well as script, bold, bubble, outline, grunge, serif and sans serif as well as using a variety of weights.

I shaped the type to the outline, using the 'create outline' tool so I could manipulate the stems etc and serif's where needed to fit the shape and space more fully, as well as making it visually appealing by altering angles and type sizes.

Here I had to manipulate most of the text on the bottom left hand side of this bubble. Some typefaces needed to be kerned to fit the spaces properly and look accurate. 'Growth' was also manipulated quite heavily to fit the awkward shape and to add fullness and actual 'growth' depicting the text/message.

"all of the above" is Obama's group title for his energy source policy. The specific types of energy have all been listed too.

The same process was carried out until the bubbles were full and could retain shape, as well as portraying the message and concept, whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

Black and white text when the actual bubble outline had been removed.

I used pantone red and blues for my text, using 2 very, very slightly different tones of each just to add a little more depth. I used blue for the policy headers and the points were listed in red underneath. 

Colour selection.

Final design with coloured text. This 21cmx42cm design will be printed onto cream card, giving me another colour to come through the design, and giving me a sturdier, stronger stock for a poster.

Colour Variation: 

I also tried a different colour layout. The main colours are the same, however the blue and white have swapped around. I don't like this as much as I don't think it's as easy catching or aesthetically pleasing. I think the white would be hard to read against the light blue background at a distance, however I feel the first colour layout is much patriotic and suitable. 

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