Thursday, 15 November 2012


Based on my initial ideas, I originally wanted to design a really patriotic envelope design, without any text allowing the audience to think, and want to open it rather than having an idea of the content. I initially began to illustrate my designs however digitally, didn't have the desired effect I was hoping for. 

I didn't like the block of colour, and changed my design to something more simplistic, and stimulating.

However with mail shots becoming more and more popular, many of us throw them away before reading them, so I needed to make it to the point and simple, making people aware of it's purpose, as it could be seen as American advertising for numerous things.

The measurements were taken from the illustration above highlighting sizes, allowing me to create an accurate sized net as shown below. This was created using the rulers and grids to ensure my lines for straight, evenly spaces, and using the pen tool to draw the outline, allowed me to curve the edges of the flap, opposed to having them straight edge as shown above also.

I started off drawing out a11x22cm DL Envelope Net, and introducing features from my initial sketches, keeping the colour scheme the same, yet not so overwhelming and tacky. I wanted my mail shot to feature simple, beautiful design which would appeal to my audience, without looking cheap and un-thoughtfully designed. 

I chose a font called Haymaker, and this can be seen in 'Vote Obama' above - I used the same red as the posters made for the previous brief, and used different opacities of the same blue also, which can be seen in "for President '12". This font is called Lobster, and I think is quite patriotic and bold. It gives a sense of America I feel, and fits perfectly for this brief. The fonts used are also taken from the poster I had previously designed, however I would like to limit the selection of fonts to a maximum of three. I think this will improve legibility, as mentioned in the previous crit, and perhaps won't look as "collegy" as also mentioned. However I aiming at young Americans in High School or University so variation and the tone of voice still need to come through the design, as there are a lot of information packs and general election information which are aimed at a more political, adult audience, whilst this is intended to be a slightly playful, light hearted approach to campaign to a younger audience.

Envelope with a cream background, posing at stock to see how the design will look, more accurately. I placed centralised lines on the lefthand side for the address to be handwritten, to give a personal feel from Barack Obama, as the envelope is a message from himself personally - "A message from the President of the United States of America". I also ensured I left enough room within the border on the top right for stamps.

This text is for the back of the envelope on the closing flap to clarify what it is inside, and add a bit of excitement and wonder.

Final Design before Printing:

This will be printed on cream card to keep the two colour choices and one use of stock within the deliverables guide lines, rather than printing directly on to white paper. Coloured stock will leave a much better finish when printing, opposed to printing a background colour also. 

I would like the rest of my designs to be a continuation of the envelope's design features - colour, fonts, detail within the design and stock.

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