Friday, 9 November 2012


Using Identifont, and the print out of uppercase and lowercase letterforms which my partner had given me, from the previous task completed during the session. I attempted to identify the font without any prior information as to the name of the font or original source.

You can see the anatomy which has been highlighted on this photocopy, which helped me answer questions on I used 'fonts by appearance' to help identify the typeface, and it came up perfectly as shown below. 

Century FB Bold Condensed

Information about the font Century FB Bold Condensed and where to buy it.
Century FB Bold Condensed
Digitized from Century Bold Condensed, designed by Morris Fuller Benton forAmerican Type Founders in 1906, and subsequently becoming one of the most popular headline typefaces for American newspapers and magazines.
Designer: Greg Thompson
Year: 1992
Copyright: Font Bureau
Publisher: Font Bureau
Examples: Road & Track magazine, USA.

Buy this font online from:
Linotype Library:
You can see here from this screen shot of MyFont that Century FB Condensed Bold is $40.

Out of my partners 5 typefaces, unfortunately Identifont was unable to identify 3/4 of the remaining ones. The font is called Microsoft Sans Serif.

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