Monday, 12 November 2012


Initial ideas for the mail shot, looking at considerations highlighted in the briefing, as well as summarising my ideas.

Detailed Design: 

Envelope Designs for the Barack Obama Campaign Mail Shot

Postcards which will have room for an address/text to be sent out to someone else, keeping the postcards and information flowing throughout the country, enhancing the power of the message. This is an initial plan of postcard designs and layout order to form a series of 6.

 I am wanting to keep the mail shot similar in terms of design, layout and structure as my posters, however altering the design as necessary to expand and strengthen the message being told.

The colour scheme I would like to keep the same, and change the stock so the print doesn't look "grainy" as mentioned in the crit feedback forms received. The typefaces will also be carried over into this brief, however potentially using fewer fonts due to the smaller dimension restricted.

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