Monday, 12 November 2012



You have developed a message/opinion in response to the previous brief. From this body of work, produce a mail shot that distributes and reinforces your message to an appropriate list of recipients.

Your resolution should fit within a DL sized envelope (110x220mm), and be accompanied by a visually appropriate mailing list. You should consider the relation between the inside/outside of the envelope and it's contents.

Background and Considerations: 

- What do you want to say and how?
- Language choices?
- Visual imagery relative to the message
- Type/imagery combinations
- What does the mail shot want to achieve?


- 2 colour and stock
- Print delivery


- 5 editions of your resolution; one to be sent via post to LCA.
- I graphic/visually appropriate mailing list
- Notebooks/design sheets

Deadline: Friday 16th November 2012

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