Saturday, 17 November 2012


I wanted to continue the use of the thought bubble, as used in my poster designs, to show the policies as Obamas thoughts, opposed to a list. As in the poster brief, I used the pen tool to draw an outline for the bubble and then arranged the type in a legible order. In the top lefthand corner is the header "THE POLICIES" designed the same as the previous insert.

I used two fonts here - Carton and Lobster. These are most legible for use in body copy, and this keeps within my three font limit. I began to use colour within the body copy, altering colours patriotically, and with different opacities to create variation, tone and layering.

Here a sub header has been placed below "THE POLICIES" adding an extra personal touch. I used the shadow look created on the previous insert, so adapted this with different fonts and colour variations within the body copy.

I wanted to create a vector image of Barack Obama which could be placed to the left of the text bubble. I chose a friendly, happy photo, and used the live trace pen tool to create my own drawing. Certain areas are to be blue/red and the outline will also be blue keeping in with my colour scheme.

Final Design Before Printing:

Cream background mock up.


I created a blank art board to the dimensions for the keyring's to be used; 35x45mm. I wanted to keep it minimal, powerful and to the point. I used the ruler tool to split the board in half, to the image when printed on cream stock can be folded in half. One side is the vector of Obama from Policies as seen above, and the text from the envelope stating "Vote Obama for President '12" is clear and self explanatory so anyone who catches a view will see the message being shown.

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