Sunday, 11 November 2012


Type & Image Poster

Type Poster

Image Poster

These are my altered poster designs, after I received the feedback forms from my fellow students after the crit last week. I decided to take out one shade of blue, leaving only the darker blue and red on the text and image base poster, to ensure I met the deliverables as pointed out. I also like the contrast between the navy and red type. I have centralised both thought bubbles in the type based poster, and changed some type so there are fewer typefaces, making it more legible. Only one out of three feedback sheets mentioned this however, so I have reduced the number of fonts, however not as much as potentially some would of liked, however I feel it's clear, legible and all posters are shown here on a white background for clarity, and true patriotic colours. The image based poster has been simplified, removing some stars and stripes leaving more emphasis on the images of Obama, rather than the extra aesthetics. I feel the feedback forms were really useful in benefiting my designs further, and helping me see the small errors in my designs. 

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