Monday, 5 November 2012



Produce designs for a set of three high impact posters that deliver a personal identified message derived from your research into part one of this brief.

The three posters should work as a set or series and be visually consistent. The first must be produced solely using type, the second solely using image and the third a combination of both type and image.


Focus on what you are trying to say and avoid generalisations and vague messages.
Keep it simple and to the point.
Are you making a statement, delivering facts or posing a question?
You should consider and investigate a broad range of visual solutions before making your design decisions.
Tone of voice.
Memorable, immediate high impact and clear.
Challenging, potentially controversial but appropriate and not offensive.
Factual, statistical, informed and specific.

What statement/fact/question are you intending to communicate?

I am communicating the current US Presidential election, focusing on the current campaign between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The posters will be focusing on voting for candidate Barack Obama, not to only benefit the US, but you can see from my research many countries in Europe are backing Obama as is UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

What is the tone? Who is your audience?

The tone will be slightly informal, in terms of how it is delivered visually as I am trying to appeal to a younger, college audience of voters who pay not be as aware of the policies which people vote from judging. The information will be serious, factual and statistical but persuasive, encouraging vote's for Barack Obama. I am aiming for a younger audience from around 16-25 to be interested in the posters I am designing, making them colourful yet patriotic, illustrative, clever and rememberable with style and information shown.

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