Thursday, 29 November 2012


Prior to Friday's crit, we were asked to make 3 design boards each within our group, so we can assess the direction we would like to head in further. Mine were based around travel costs, primarily car, train and bus. I also included primary and secondary research. The boards sum up the initial costs on the expenses of travelling, whether commuting or for leisure. 

Information based on petrol prices since the economic prices kick started inflation mirroring the 1980s as can be seen on this board, as well as facts on taxes, price variations nationally, energy source information and average prices.

This board focuses on my primary research, and the questionnaire's average outcome of £12 per week spent by students on LCA's Graphic Design degree on travelling. I have also included a brief summary of initial findings, and information on primary research based on my own transport costs to and from university on a weekly basis.

This design board features heavily on the yet again rising rail affairs, affecting myself, other students and people likewise nationwide. There's also a breakdown showing what our extra money covers and average prices for some of the most expensive season tickets in the UK.

I think for initial research this shows a wide range of facts, figures and information. Details on buses were much harder to come by and it was hard to find visual information also, as the leaflets I had picked up locally were more information based on timings and offers, opposed to a price list as station to station offers different prices depending on age, time of day, the day of the week and whether you have a rail card such as the 16-25 rail card. This is something I would like to look further into also, and to also find out why.

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