Saturday, 17 November 2012


I waned to include some inspirational, persuasive quotes from a well established figure, explaining what Barack Obama in his first term, praising him and restoring faith. The two quotes I have chosen to include are both my John Kerry, a respectable Presidential candidate from the 2004 elections.  His messages give such a strong, powerful feeling towards the reader.

"An exceptional nation demands the leadership of an exceptional President. And my fellow Americans, that President is Barack Obama".

And President Obama kept his promises. He promise to end the war in Iraq and he has - and our heroes  have come home. He promised to end the war in Afghanistan responsibly - and he is - and our heroes they're coming home. He promised to focus like a laser on al-Queda - and he has - our forces have eliminated more of its leadership in the last three years than in all the eight years that came before that"

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