Wednesday, 21 November 2012


During this workshop we began to look at the correlation between type, type and image and type as image. International symbols are used for continuity and recognisability. This relates to Semiotics and the relation of - Signs, Symbols and Signifiers.

We began to start manipulating typefaces based on their anatomy, to develop a further understanding of the basics as well as altering the characteristics in an inventive way. Designing our own typefaces for different purposes is essential to being a graphic designer or a typographer.

In preparation for the workshop, I printed off the first 3 letter forms for 4 typefaces (Block, Gothic, Script, Roman) in both upper and lower case, at a restricted size of 10x10cm. These would be the basis for the type manipulation task as shown below.

To start the Counter had to be as large as it could be without the stem changing size or being manipulated; it remained bold.  On the uppercase 'A' however this wasn't possible as they do not have a stem to work around, so this remained the same. 

Once completed, I changed to the block font for another series of letters and did the opposite of what has just been carried out, to see what the opposite effect looked like when it had been manipulated in a different manner.

To improve the quality and detail of my manipulated letterforms, during the next session I will use layout paper, opposed to tracing paper as the stock is thicker and more absorbent making the lines smoother, and the overall colour solid opposed to patchy due to using a marker pen on stock which isn't particularly appropriate. I would also use french curves to gain a solid curve opposed to a free hand curve.

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