Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Once I had finished my research on survey's and types of possibilities, I started to construct a list of questions, as seen below:

These then changed to a developed list, which can also been seen below, and were inputed into the survey.

I used Smart-Survey to create the survey online. The development of this can be seen here:

An example template of the style chosen.

Here I added in a title to the survey, and then I could add/edit pages and questions.

Here I have chosen a multiple choice answer, so here you can see the question in red, "what type of vehicle do you drive?" and two answers below, "car", "motorbike". This was the same method for all multiple choice questions.

Here are the first three initial questions to the participant to ease them in to the questionnaire, with some basic, easy multiple choice answers.

Here you can see I have split the questionnaire into 6 pages, as follows:
1 - About You
2 - Incidents and Accidents
3 - Passengers and Safety
4 - Speed Limits
5 - Driving Tests
6 - Personal Thoughts

This was done in order to help categorise the questions, and structure the questions for the participant also. 

Final Questionnaire:

I also set up a Facebook page for 'Drive Safely' which can be found here. It promotes the group, the survey and encourages participants to fill in the questionnaire in return for a bumper sticker. A post card with information about how to access the survey/Facebook page will be included in the mail shot.

The logo which has been used is the same as the branding and identity for the mail shot, designed by Alex, which I have then cropped down and fit the cover photo for continuity of the brand image.

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