Monday, 3 December 2012


After the crit on Friday, we were given a question to focus on research on in more depth, as well as creating a visual outcome. We were given the option to choose whether we wanted to work as a group or individually to create an outcome and presentation. After a discussion, we decided it was more appropriate and apt for this brief to work collaboratively. 

We were given the brief and how to, which was "How to get drivers to use their vehicles more responsibly?"

From the initial discussion of the brief, we had a brain storm as a group to collect thoughts around the question posed and how we could address it.
- Product Placement - Keyring's, bumper stickers, air freshness
- Advertising Campaign - Posters, Postcards
- Relative to aspects of bad driving such as driving under the influence
- Light hearted, humorous?
- Relates to all vehicles, not specifically cars

Individually the group had really good ideas, merged together from everyone's own interpretation of the appropriate visual outcome. The main idea revolved around a mail shot publication, featuring an info graphic calendar which can be put on your dash board in the car to help organise the driver, whilst revealing some interesting, revealing facts about the horrors of driving, air fresher's, a campaign about road safety and a questionnaire. We will also be presenting our idea to the other students.

Everyone was allocated a role strategically, based on the time we had to complete the brief before the deadline, and their previous research/ideas.

We then needed to work out a focused direction for the brief, ensuring that the brief has a viable solution fitting the brief and deliverables. 

- Who needs to know?
- What/why do they need to know?
- How will you tell them?
- What will the audience respond to, where will they look?
- How will they need to interact with it?
- How will you know it's working?
- What is the tone of voice?

Who needs to know? Drivers - buses, taxi's, cars and lorries. Experienced and new drivers.
What and why do they need to know? - to promote responsible attitudes whilst driving, in order to encourage safer use of the roads
How will we tell them? - Mail shot info pack, with freebies such as key rings to entice and encourage driver
We will both inform and educate our audience with our info pack.
How will they interact with it? - Receive info and use what is provided within. Read advertisements and campaign, as well as responding to survey/questionnaire.
How will you know it's working? - Responses from survey/questionnaire with prompted and influenced engagement with the topic
What is the tone of voice? - Formal/considerate/informative.

Photos taken from ampdyson1215dp

We decided to entitle our info pack mail shot, "Drive Safely" and each separate element would have the same branding and identity, including colour and type, due to Alex choosing this area. Jane decided to work on the info graphic calendar, Jordan focused on the packaging and net design, whilst Charlie looked into the advertising and campaign side of the mail shot. Whilst I looked into researching and developing a questionnaire/survey to include either with the mail shot or online, perhaps via Facebook, Surveymonkey etc, as I previously carried out a questionnaire for the research brief prior to this one, using Primary research methods, with one open answer question. 

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