Sunday, 6 January 2013


I took a selection of photos around college based around my given shape; a circle. These photos can be seen below.

When I had chosen my images for use, I adjusted the colour, tone and contrast to ensure the photographs were their true colour, and ready to work with and manipulate for this task. You can see below the difference in vividness of the image. The white stand is much more defined in colour, tone and brightness rather than the 1st image which shows a much duller, grey photo.

By doing so the blue of the wires stood out more, as well as highlights and shadows.

This is the image I used one edited to base my manipulations. I really liked the image due to the minimal colour and feel, with emphasis on a shape, which is hidden from full view due to the wires. 

I began by copying rectangular sections of the image, and re positioning them to create an effect showing more wires coming out of the circle, by layering the images, and then cropping the image to keep it within the original. This reminds me of optical illusions, and the name for the series 'Got your wires crossed?' is a play on words of the effect given in the image.

I repeated this process for other sections of the image, to see what interesting variations could be created, which are minimal and aesthetically simple. I did not want fuss or decoration, I wanted the concept to speak for itself.

Here you can see here the colour balance of the photograph sections on the left hand side has been altered, leaving a much clearer, brighter image.

I opened a blank A5 canvas for each individual postcard.

Postcard 1 - 'Got your wires crossed?'

I really like the minimalistic vibe of the postcards. They are aesthetically pleasing due to the simplicity and collage design.

- - - - - 

I continued to add to the image I started with, again experimenting with overlaying different layers, black and white imagery, and changing colour balance to achieve different hues.

After layering and cutting out unwanted sections of the photograph duplicate created, the white stand now has two circular holes, both with wires almost crossing, which appear seamless.

A circular section was cut out of the image, showing the two circles mentioned above. A background from the same image was added below for a contrast, and the circular layer's brightness was enhanced to make the colour and section stand out.

Postcard 2 - 'Got your wires crossed?'

- - - -

Postcard 3 - 'Got your wires crossed?'

The process of removing sections of the manipulated image continued, as the top left hand corner became the imagery for the 3rd postcard.

- - - -

Postcard 4 - 'Got your wires crossed?'

A rectangular section of imagery was cut out and placed on the left hand side, duplicated, pasted and mirrored to reflect itself. I really like this postcard and the imagery; visually stimulating and relative to the brief, particular shape and the concept I have come up with.
- - - -

Postcard 5 - 'Got your wires crossed?'

For this final post card, circular sections were cut out from two existing postcards and placed one above the other on photoshop. I cut out sections of the two images individually ensuring that the circular sections photographed/manipulated were shown, whilst creating a visually appealing image.
- - - -

Final Postcards:

Overall I am happy with the turn out of the post cards. The image used has been manipulated into 5 separate images, which are all different with similar features and design styles, ensuring they remain a set. I am happy with the minimalistic approach, and bright, clean colour scheme. 

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