Thursday, 6 December 2012


As well as putting together a survey for 'Drive Safely' questioning participants on their views on safety, and procedures taken to ensure this, I was also responsible for putting together a postcard for the mail shot, advertising the survey and free gift.

I first of all I looked at the re-done logo, designed by Alex to ensure the branding and identity of my postcard would match the others and work as a set. The development of the logo can be found here.

The two typefaces which were chosen to be used, are both road sign fonts, so when used the kerning and size needed to be adjusted accordingly. The two fonts are Franchise Bold and Raoul Transport Britannique.

The dimensions of the mail shot is a standard A5 layout, and I wanted to keep it simple and to the point which a short statement explaining what the offer consists of.

I initially sketched a few ideas, which I based further development on:

I then started to put together a post card using Illustrator and the vector image received of Alex. I downloaded the appropriate font and experimented with type, and the main statement.

I originally had thought of using "Please take 5 minutes to complete our online survey via Facebook, to receive a free bumper sticker or air freshener for your car!" However, when placed centrally with the correct kerning, spacing and various point sizes being used for particular emphasis, it turned out to be too much body copy and needed to be shorted as it didn't work with my designs as desired.

You can see how the type takes up much of the post card at this point size, with a paragraph of type. I wanted to cut this, and space particular words more, and having key words such as "FREE" in a larger point size and in blue, stand out and attract attention of the reader, hopefully persuading them to complete the survey. There is also no room for a logo, or additional information on finding the survey to fill in either. Overall it looks unstructured and unthoughtful.

The basic information is now displayed as you can see above - "Complete our online survey via Facebook to receive a free bumper sticker or airfresher for your car". 

Below I decided to flush the body copy to the left, and cut down the amount of type on the postcard, leaving room to add the logo to remain consistent with branding and identity, as well as adding information in regards to access. 

Final Postcard Design:

For the final design, I placed the logo on the left of the text on it's side, forming a solid edge to the text, with the underlining of the logo. This makes the postcard look more structured and focused, as well as not being over faced by text and images. I also placed the Facebook logo on the bottom right, alongside a short statement enabling you to find the 'Drive Safely' Facebook page and survey. I also added the pun "Get on board", as a play on words with the theme, concept and the message being given regarding safe driving.    

I think the post card is successful in delivering a message in a to the point manner, stating the basic information needed regarding the survey. Additional information regarding "Drive Safely" would be accessible online or through the mail shot.

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