Friday, 25 January 2013


Here you can see the final supplement which has been designed and produced for The Guardian's G2. 

It is aimed at the general public, educating and informing them of the Leveson Inquiry. It is written, illustrated and designed with info graphics, to create a light hearted take on the matter, summarising the inquiry in a simplistic, basic, to the point publication. The majority of those asked when carrying out my primary research knew very little on the matter, and knew more about Rupert Murdoch specifically, hence his placement on the cover, stating he is a core participant, and to engage the viewer. 

I am really happy overall with the final publication. I feel it fits the brief, it's target audience, purpose and context due to content and illustration, as well as being highly info graphic. 

I printed several mock ups prior printing on the final stock choice, to ensure printing double sided printing worked correctly, and that no detail/text was cut off due to bleed issues. These are shown below: 

I printed the publication on 135gsm white silk paper, to obtain a high quality, glossy supplement. An A2 poster was also included on a matte stock, and folded to fit inside the A5 publication. However, if printed again it would be printed on coated stock to ensure continuity and to look more like a high gloss poster. I thought this would be a good incentive to obtain the viewers attention, and encourage them to read it. I think the minimal colour scheme, and similar layouts to the G2 supplements currently published are also fitting, and are important to emphasise context and continuity.

Below is the feedback received from my tutors during the group crit. Overall the feedback was extremely positive from tutors and fellow students, with very little to criticise. 


- Stock Choices: does the poster need to be printed on the same stock as the final supplement for consistency.
- The middle page should be trimmed slightly before stapling to ensure the supplement can be flicked through easier, without falling on the middle page directly. 

Positive Feedback:

- Strong concept, idea and tone.
- Suits target audience, and fulfil needs of engaging with those with no prior knowledge of the inquiry.
- High production value and execution.
- In place with the brief perfectly, and would look fitting if placed in the newspaper. Designed to be in The Guardian.
- Lots of research, work and time has been put into this publication.
- Info graphic elements are engaging and work really well, fitting the brief.
- "Brilliant, perfect"

If I was to re do this brief the only difference I would make is to print the poster on gloss paper, to give the effect of a high quality poster, and to keep continuity running through the supplement. I would also look into different types of binding, if this was to be expanded into a more detailed booklet. Overall though I am really proud and happy of the work I created. I feel it fits the brief, and I have enjoyed the past 3 weeks not only writing and designing a supplement about the inquiry, but also learning about it. I feel this will turn any novice into an expert, and I am proud to say it looks like it could easily fit in with the current G2 supplements.

- - -

I later printed a high gloss version of the poster, to correspond with the stock of the supplement, I feel it has a much richer, more polished look, and is fitting with the supplement and context. This will be included in the hand in.

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