Saturday, 12 January 2013


I decided to focus on product, publication and promotion due to the nature of the research topic, and the industry it falls within. A publication regarding the leveson inquiry was the decided initial topic before further development as seen below.

I looked initially at the different possible audiences, and relevant products/publications which would be designed.

I decided on a particular audience, which would be the general public, and readers of newspaper, therefore a supplement regarding the inquiry in a simple manner would be easily read, and engaging for the audience. The inquiry is a dense, complex inquiry with an outcome ready for 2013. The idea of the supplement is almost a 'fool proof'/'idiot guide' to the inquiry and report, based on witness statements, facts, figures and info graphics, as well as body copy. 

I am going to conduct a survey for my primary research, to show in my introduction of the supplement the inquiry is quite hard to work out and grasp simply, hence the supplement, solving the problem of complication whilst informing and educating the audience. 

Completed Rationale for Newspaper Supplement, possibly G2 for The Guardian.

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