Monday, 25 February 2013


After the crit on Friday afternoon, the direction of our brief altered slightly and we were asked to write our own brief. Below is the brief which was written by Laura and the group then revised it.

This was given to Amber on the Monday morning during a mini-crit. We discussed the revisions made and were advised to take our the details on future development.

A risk assessment was also carried out with input from all of the group members. This was revised and Harrison and Laura drew up a mock up plan for buildings and the health and safety team. Thankfully this was approved, and the College Cafe approved of the fundraiser. Positive news which means we are set for the tea sale, which is set to be Thursday 7th March, between 11am-2pm on the Graphic Design corridor.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Following the crit, me and Beth decided to visit Whittard's in Leeds to enquire on the prices of tea which would be needed to carry out the campaign. The boxes shown below, which our character flavours are based upon is £5.50 per box, and it comes in powder form so this would mean we had to make our own teabags with the powder, or find an alternative.

We asked on the options of buying empty tea bags to fill ourselves, which are available online to buy, which can be filled for use. The manager asked about our inquiry, and we briefly explained our brief, campaign and tea sale. She offered to call head office to see if they would be willing to send us any free tea, sample packs or advice. The manager took my number and she said she would call after the weekend with a response.

(Potential idea for refill packs)

- - - -

After further discussion within the group after the weekend, we decided that we would have to find alternate tea brands to use, as Whittard's were unable to assist us with the project, and we needed to find ways to reduce costs, as this would take away from our overall profit.

We looked at various supermarkets and brands, before deciding on slightly different flavours, all bought from Tesco.

These were considerably cheaper and already in individual tea bag servings unlike the chosen tea's originally from Whittard's. Flavours were changed but kept as close as possible to the original suggested flavours. Fearne Cotton has replaced Miss Piggy however. 


I decided to develop the sketches of initial character designs by drawing them in a more tonal way using Copic markers, opposed to pencil sketches. This was to ensure the illustrations were fun and light hearted opposed to realistic. I feel the illustrations below would be a good base to convert to grey scale and digitally render if decided to be produced digitally, opposed to hand rendering. Only 2 illustrations were done to start with as Sarah was also designing some to produce variations and different styles.

- - - -

Final Jessie J Rendered Illustration

Final Miss Piggy Illustration.

The illustrations were rendered on Illustrator using the pen tool, grey scale colour scheme with the addition of red for extra details.  I was a fan of these illustrations being biased, however I felt Sarah's had more character, and perhaps mine lacked subtle details. These illustrations were shown to the group, and we collectively decided to go with Sarah's which featured slightly more hand drawn details to the characters which worked really nicely.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


Following our individual set tasks we had agreed upon as a group, we came back together with design sheets and concept boards for the campaign pitch. Below is the presentation shown:

Packaging design ideas by Beth, showing how the characters are relevant to the concept and refill tea bag packaging.

Character design by myself. These need to be further developed.

Additional packaging ideas for the main product, drawn by Sarah.

Branding, logo and type ideas by Beth playing on the name 'ChariTEA'

Harrison was responsible for initial drawings of the info graphic app. 

Influences board for character designs, put together by myself.

These visual aids helped bring our pitch, concept and ideas together. The pitch was positive and successful. We explained how the product and campaign tie in with our chosen charity, Comic Relief, and the brand Whittard's and to put into practice our concept, we spoke about a charity tea stall at College during the week of Comic Relief to raise money.

This will ensure we can prove our campaign will work, and from this information we can continue to make the app as real as possible with real statistics and figures, as well as raising money. To do so we are going to order fundraising packs from the Comic Relief website, to participate. We are also required to do health and safety and risk assessments for the event, which we will carry out as a group, with help from the buildings department as college. 

We were also advised to email Whittard's in regards to the charity brief we have set ourselves to see if they would like to be involved, and help us with sample packs and branding information. It was also suggested for the day of the tea stall, we could print on to paper cups or use belly bands as a way of branding, opposed to purchasing white mugs to reduce our  costs.

We decided not to produce the tea boxes with mugs/tea bags in the end due to carrying out the campaign, focusing on the event and the promotions. This is to be altered in the brief we are writing out ourselves to be marked against.

New promotional details to think about:

- mail shots
- floor stickers
- posters
- menu's
- flyers
- balloons
- leaflets
- info packs/sheets on Charitea & cause.

The pitch overall was positive and left us all very excited about the following 2 weeks.

After the pitch we decided on following jobs for the weekend:

Sarah was responsible for emailing Amber in regards to risk assessment forms and email Whittard's Head Office in regards to the information above, Beth and I would speak to Whittard's Tea shop in Leeds city centre, for primary research and into free taster samples we could try our campaign with before hand to see if it is feasible.

I said I would carry on with further character designs. Harrison was going to look further into the interactivity of the app, whilst Laura was responsible for ordering comic relief fundraising packs for the group.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


Based on the current idea of characterized and flavoured tea bags was further discussed today with the group. Below is a list of ideas which were talked about:

Further Conceptual Ideas:

-       Mug Shots (Character Masks)
-       ‘Tea Box’ incorporating entire family, with character tea bags
-       Viral Videos of different people brewing/drinking their specified tea
-       Tea stall set up in town, fairs, markets
-       Focusing on Britain’s love of tea; British Icons, Jubilee, Red, White and Blue colour scheme, Royal Family, Movie Stars
tea associated with stress; messages on the back of buses/trains/underground to encourage drinking tea to reduce stress
Tea Collections – Film Stars, Musicians, Cartoons, Royals, Celebrities, British/American Icons
‘POP CULTURE’ associating celebrities with stereotypical teas/their favorite tea
What sort of tea are you? App/Quiz
What sort of mug are you? App/Quiz (both with links to Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Online store, etc.
Different blends of teas for relevant times of day, i.e. Breakfast tea for Morning, Herbal tea for evening etc
Mood Tea Bags
Characters – What tea are you? With possibility of uploading photos with mask/mug and relevant tea to spread the message and promote drinking tea.

Whilst in further discussion we all agreed on the idea of mugs with characters, playing on names, blends and flavours. However, I suggested linking the tea promotion and campaign to a charity, to enforce the message on a larger scale, as well as adding context for a cause and promoting a good cause.

I suggested Comic Relief, as Red Nose Day is on the 15th of March, approximately 3 weeks away, which ties in perfectly for this brief. It also adds a context of using celebrities as a selling point for tea, and encourages fans/tea drinkers to buy into the product and the charity.

Everyone really liked the idea of bring a current event and news story into the brief, making the concept modern, relevant and workable.

This is the final concept, which we are all happy to run with:

We are going to design, produce and promote a range of special edition celebrity character fundraising pack. Within the pack, will be a special red nose day mug, a selection of corresponding tea bags to the celebrity and packaging, as well as an information booklet on the charity, the tea included, the message being delivered and the health benefits of drinking tea. Each pack will feature 1/5 chosen celebrities who are taking part in this years Comic Relief. We have chosen 5 celebrities who we believe are iconic enough in the UK to sell, and raise awareness of drinking tea and the charity.

The pack will also share information on what you can do with your ‘tea boxes’ such as ‘tea parties’ for children where they can wear masks of the character, which will be available online to print off and make, adding a sense of interactivity.

The website will feature more information and ideas on this, as well as an option to upload your photos of your activities, mugs, masks and fellow tea drinkers on the website, or via Twitter, etc. This again adds interactivity and the use of social media to promote drinking tea and the cause.

Different packs are for different celebrities, adding a race element to see who is raising most money, which can be seen via the info graphic app we intend to design also. This will be an interactive app, full of information on tea, the celebrities, health, money raised, charity and activities you can participate in if you wish to do so.

The colour scheme will stay true to comic relief – black, red and white, which is perfect for the use of 2 print colours plus 1 colour stock.

The character designs for the tea bag and pack, will be black and white, and feature a ‘red nose’.

A red nose has been suggested on the underneath of the mug so it is viewable when drinking/photographed etc.

Possible Celebrities to choose from were:

Helen Skelton
Jason Donovan
Mary Berry
Lenny Henry
Jessie J
Keith Lemon
Alan Carr
Miss Piggy
Jonathon Ross
Fearne Cotton
One Direction
Davina McCall

These are all celebrities that are participating in this years Comic Relief, via fundraising, presenting or performing.

We decided Whittard’s Tea would be a good brand to use due to the variety of flavours they offer to buy.

The 5 celebrities we chose and potential names for their pack/tea are as follows:

Pink Lemonade Tea – Miss Piggy
Lemon and Lime Tea – Keith Lemon
Rooibos – Jonathon Ross
Very Very Very Berry Caffeine Free – Mary Berry
Jubilee Blend – Jessie J

‘ChariTEA’ was the chosen name for the product, using a play on words as with the tea and celebrities listed above.

We left with a list of allocated jobs per group member, to ensure everything was ready and In order for the initial pitch tomorrow morning.

Harrison – App/Infopack
Sarah – Packaging Mock Up
Beth – Branding, Type and Blog
Danielle – Character Illustration
Laura – Packaging Research 


Setting up the document in preparation for text, image and layout. There are two ways which this could be done as shown below:


This method allows you to divide the page into two manually using rulers.

- - - -

This method shows 2 facing pages which is how you would design and layout a booklet. This is the method I have chosen to use for this double page spread.

- - - -

- - - -

Saving an image with a transparent background for print = .TIFF or Photoshop Files.

- - - -

Development of Double Page Spread:

I initially set up rulers and guides how I would like my layout to be like.

I inserted placement text initially whist working out the layout I would like to use. The layout taken was chosen and adapted from the design principles layouts which I had drawn up in class.

Once I was happy with the composition of body copy, I inserted vector illustrations and images.

However at this point I decided that I wasn't keen on this layout and decided to re do it all. I wanted my double page spread to look more minimal.

- - - -

This is the development of the revised layout. I began by having three columns opposed to two. 

Once I had experimented with the composition of body copy, and decided on a final layout I inserted the chosen article. I then added a title which was slightly altered and moved around as seen on the image below.

I then added photos, which were placed and then re scaled in Photoshop to ensure the correct scale and resolution. 

I added a further caption and removed one image. I was happy with the final layout, and liked the use of white space creating a minimalist, easy to read article.

 Final Double Page Spread:

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


After a group meeting today where we brought in different views and opinions on direction/concept, after feeding back our own prior research.

After discussion and reflection of possibilities, we decided to focus on one initial idea:
We were thinking of doing a campagin that ties in with an existing brand, such as Yorkshire Tea or Twinings, and it will use stereotypes to market different kinds of teas for different people. So green tea for healthy mum, standard brew for dad, flavoured tea for teenager or iced tea for children; then a campaign using social media, and handing out bags filled with freebies, for example, a different cup for each character.

We decided to research further into the idea of branding and packaging for different teas/products for various types of people, ages and varieties of tea to gain further understanding on contexts, concepts, colours, style and body copy. This will allow us to see how previous conceptual and playful branding has been applied to packaging.



You have been given a task. You are required to produce a graphics response that engages with a specific audience. Your response should consider the context and environment in which you aim for it to be delivered. You will need to identify this as part of your initial concept proposal.
You should aim to identify, analyse and use existing means of distributions in order to select an appropriate method of communication.  
What do you want to say? How do you intend to say it? What language would be appropriate?
Will the content be communicated primarily through type or image? If it is both what is the relationship between the two?   
What are you aiming to achieve? Are you directing your audience to a website, encouraging them to attend an event? Will it be interactive or encouraging them to change their lifestyle?
A limited colour pallet, two colours plus stock, will allow for reproduction of your designs across a range of media.

You should resolve this problem by the deadline stated below. However, if you have plans to extend the scope and ambition of your response beyond this deadline you should include these proposals in your presentation
Group 9:
Danielle Muntyan
Sarah Heal
Beth Dalzell
Laura Jane Bruce
Harrison Park       
We gathered together after the briefing for a quick chat and discussion as to direction and initial thoughts:
Health Benefits, 4 a Day
Screen Printing with Tea
We decided to think over night and gather basic research on tea for a specific area of interest, and then re group on Weds to discuss further ideas/thoughts on concepts.
I decided to research Health Benefits of drinking tea, and green teas. This can be seen on my design context blog.
- - - -
After a second meeting in regards to the brief at hand, we all fed back individual feedback on topics researched, and attempted to gain a clear perspective on an idea/concept. 
There was some agreement over the concept becoming an info graphic as the group felt it should be a strong message communicated by a product and a campaign through social networking and print based advertisements.
The intial idea we came up with as a group was to design different characters for different ranges of people, and have these characters reflecting a certain person, age, gender etc which is reflected by taste, blend and design. We initially thought of designing cups/flavours to promote and encourage drinking tea for health benefits and for pleasure depending on the character/person at hand. 
We left the meeting with a list of research topics for members of the group, as shown below:
Laura: Cup Designs
Beth: Tea suiting different characters/ages, for example, Grandma would drink Ear Grey, Mum would drink Chamomile, Children would drink Ice Tea, and Teenagers could drink Flavoured or Herbal, etc.
Sarah and Danielle: Ties with social networks for campaigns and advertising a product. Print campaigns, online advertising, general mass advertising, mail shots, etc.