Thursday, 21 February 2013


Based on the current idea of characterized and flavoured tea bags was further discussed today with the group. Below is a list of ideas which were talked about:

Further Conceptual Ideas:

-       Mug Shots (Character Masks)
-       ‘Tea Box’ incorporating entire family, with character tea bags
-       Viral Videos of different people brewing/drinking their specified tea
-       Tea stall set up in town, fairs, markets
-       Focusing on Britain’s love of tea; British Icons, Jubilee, Red, White and Blue colour scheme, Royal Family, Movie Stars
tea associated with stress; messages on the back of buses/trains/underground to encourage drinking tea to reduce stress
Tea Collections – Film Stars, Musicians, Cartoons, Royals, Celebrities, British/American Icons
‘POP CULTURE’ associating celebrities with stereotypical teas/their favorite tea
What sort of tea are you? App/Quiz
What sort of mug are you? App/Quiz (both with links to Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Online store, etc.
Different blends of teas for relevant times of day, i.e. Breakfast tea for Morning, Herbal tea for evening etc
Mood Tea Bags
Characters – What tea are you? With possibility of uploading photos with mask/mug and relevant tea to spread the message and promote drinking tea.

Whilst in further discussion we all agreed on the idea of mugs with characters, playing on names, blends and flavours. However, I suggested linking the tea promotion and campaign to a charity, to enforce the message on a larger scale, as well as adding context for a cause and promoting a good cause.

I suggested Comic Relief, as Red Nose Day is on the 15th of March, approximately 3 weeks away, which ties in perfectly for this brief. It also adds a context of using celebrities as a selling point for tea, and encourages fans/tea drinkers to buy into the product and the charity.

Everyone really liked the idea of bring a current event and news story into the brief, making the concept modern, relevant and workable.

This is the final concept, which we are all happy to run with:

We are going to design, produce and promote a range of special edition celebrity character fundraising pack. Within the pack, will be a special red nose day mug, a selection of corresponding tea bags to the celebrity and packaging, as well as an information booklet on the charity, the tea included, the message being delivered and the health benefits of drinking tea. Each pack will feature 1/5 chosen celebrities who are taking part in this years Comic Relief. We have chosen 5 celebrities who we believe are iconic enough in the UK to sell, and raise awareness of drinking tea and the charity.

The pack will also share information on what you can do with your ‘tea boxes’ such as ‘tea parties’ for children where they can wear masks of the character, which will be available online to print off and make, adding a sense of interactivity.

The website will feature more information and ideas on this, as well as an option to upload your photos of your activities, mugs, masks and fellow tea drinkers on the website, or via Twitter, etc. This again adds interactivity and the use of social media to promote drinking tea and the cause.

Different packs are for different celebrities, adding a race element to see who is raising most money, which can be seen via the info graphic app we intend to design also. This will be an interactive app, full of information on tea, the celebrities, health, money raised, charity and activities you can participate in if you wish to do so.

The colour scheme will stay true to comic relief – black, red and white, which is perfect for the use of 2 print colours plus 1 colour stock.

The character designs for the tea bag and pack, will be black and white, and feature a ‘red nose’.

A red nose has been suggested on the underneath of the mug so it is viewable when drinking/photographed etc.

Possible Celebrities to choose from were:

Helen Skelton
Jason Donovan
Mary Berry
Lenny Henry
Jessie J
Keith Lemon
Alan Carr
Miss Piggy
Jonathon Ross
Fearne Cotton
One Direction
Davina McCall

These are all celebrities that are participating in this years Comic Relief, via fundraising, presenting or performing.

We decided Whittard’s Tea would be a good brand to use due to the variety of flavours they offer to buy.

The 5 celebrities we chose and potential names for their pack/tea are as follows:

Pink Lemonade Tea – Miss Piggy
Lemon and Lime Tea – Keith Lemon
Rooibos – Jonathon Ross
Very Very Very Berry Caffeine Free – Mary Berry
Jubilee Blend – Jessie J

‘ChariTEA’ was the chosen name for the product, using a play on words as with the tea and celebrities listed above.

We left with a list of allocated jobs per group member, to ensure everything was ready and In order for the initial pitch tomorrow morning.

Harrison – App/Infopack
Sarah – Packaging Mock Up
Beth – Branding, Type and Blog
Danielle – Character Illustration
Laura – Packaging Research 

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