Sunday, 24 February 2013


I decided to develop the sketches of initial character designs by drawing them in a more tonal way using Copic markers, opposed to pencil sketches. This was to ensure the illustrations were fun and light hearted opposed to realistic. I feel the illustrations below would be a good base to convert to grey scale and digitally render if decided to be produced digitally, opposed to hand rendering. Only 2 illustrations were done to start with as Sarah was also designing some to produce variations and different styles.

- - - -

Final Jessie J Rendered Illustration

Final Miss Piggy Illustration.

The illustrations were rendered on Illustrator using the pen tool, grey scale colour scheme with the addition of red for extra details.  I was a fan of these illustrations being biased, however I felt Sarah's had more character, and perhaps mine lacked subtle details. These illustrations were shown to the group, and we collectively decided to go with Sarah's which featured slightly more hand drawn details to the characters which worked really nicely.

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