Wednesday, 20 February 2013


After a group meeting today where we brought in different views and opinions on direction/concept, after feeding back our own prior research.

After discussion and reflection of possibilities, we decided to focus on one initial idea:
We were thinking of doing a campagin that ties in with an existing brand, such as Yorkshire Tea or Twinings, and it will use stereotypes to market different kinds of teas for different people. So green tea for healthy mum, standard brew for dad, flavoured tea for teenager or iced tea for children; then a campaign using social media, and handing out bags filled with freebies, for example, a different cup for each character.

We decided to research further into the idea of branding and packaging for different teas/products for various types of people, ages and varieties of tea to gain further understanding on contexts, concepts, colours, style and body copy. This will allow us to see how previous conceptual and playful branding has been applied to packaging.

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