Thursday, 21 February 2013


Setting up the document in preparation for text, image and layout. There are two ways which this could be done as shown below:


This method allows you to divide the page into two manually using rulers.

- - - -

This method shows 2 facing pages which is how you would design and layout a booklet. This is the method I have chosen to use for this double page spread.

- - - -

- - - -

Saving an image with a transparent background for print = .TIFF or Photoshop Files.

- - - -

Development of Double Page Spread:

I initially set up rulers and guides how I would like my layout to be like.

I inserted placement text initially whist working out the layout I would like to use. The layout taken was chosen and adapted from the design principles layouts which I had drawn up in class.

Once I was happy with the composition of body copy, I inserted vector illustrations and images.

However at this point I decided that I wasn't keen on this layout and decided to re do it all. I wanted my double page spread to look more minimal.

- - - -

This is the development of the revised layout. I began by having three columns opposed to two. 

Once I had experimented with the composition of body copy, and decided on a final layout I inserted the chosen article. I then added a title which was slightly altered and moved around as seen on the image below.

I then added photos, which were placed and then re scaled in Photoshop to ensure the correct scale and resolution. 

I added a further caption and removed one image. I was happy with the final layout, and liked the use of white space creating a minimalist, easy to read article.

 Final Double Page Spread:

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