Saturday, 23 February 2013


Following our individual set tasks we had agreed upon as a group, we came back together with design sheets and concept boards for the campaign pitch. Below is the presentation shown:

Packaging design ideas by Beth, showing how the characters are relevant to the concept and refill tea bag packaging.

Character design by myself. These need to be further developed.

Additional packaging ideas for the main product, drawn by Sarah.

Branding, logo and type ideas by Beth playing on the name 'ChariTEA'

Harrison was responsible for initial drawings of the info graphic app. 

Influences board for character designs, put together by myself.

These visual aids helped bring our pitch, concept and ideas together. The pitch was positive and successful. We explained how the product and campaign tie in with our chosen charity, Comic Relief, and the brand Whittard's and to put into practice our concept, we spoke about a charity tea stall at College during the week of Comic Relief to raise money.

This will ensure we can prove our campaign will work, and from this information we can continue to make the app as real as possible with real statistics and figures, as well as raising money. To do so we are going to order fundraising packs from the Comic Relief website, to participate. We are also required to do health and safety and risk assessments for the event, which we will carry out as a group, with help from the buildings department as college. 

We were also advised to email Whittard's in regards to the charity brief we have set ourselves to see if they would like to be involved, and help us with sample packs and branding information. It was also suggested for the day of the tea stall, we could print on to paper cups or use belly bands as a way of branding, opposed to purchasing white mugs to reduce our  costs.

We decided not to produce the tea boxes with mugs/tea bags in the end due to carrying out the campaign, focusing on the event and the promotions. This is to be altered in the brief we are writing out ourselves to be marked against.

New promotional details to think about:

- mail shots
- floor stickers
- posters
- menu's
- flyers
- balloons
- leaflets
- info packs/sheets on Charitea & cause.

The pitch overall was positive and left us all very excited about the following 2 weeks.

After the pitch we decided on following jobs for the weekend:

Sarah was responsible for emailing Amber in regards to risk assessment forms and email Whittard's Head Office in regards to the information above, Beth and I would speak to Whittard's Tea shop in Leeds city centre, for primary research and into free taster samples we could try our campaign with before hand to see if it is feasible.

I said I would carry on with further character designs. Harrison was going to look further into the interactivity of the app, whilst Laura was responsible for ordering comic relief fundraising packs for the group.

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