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Grids and Devine Proportions:

Fibonacci Sequence:

Paper sizes are derived from Fibonacci and the golden section - ration 8:13.

This shows the fibonacci sequence following the ratio:


The 2nd number is always added to the 3rd (total) as demonstrated above.

It is advised a 55pt title should be complimented with 34pt body copy by applying the fibonacci sequence.

It is also a common basis for web design layouts also. The Apple logo is constructed perfectly using the fibonacci sequence and the golden section.

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Dividing the page:

Golden Section:

1.62 is the golden number needed, to divide a page, and to achieve balanced layouts in proportions. Ratio to length and width.

The Rule of Thirds:

The concept of the golden ratio can be simplified by the rule of thirds. This is generally used for photography. You can divide any page into thirds horizontally and vertically to gain a 9 square grid. This enhances focal points and information points, whilst all proportions are equal when divided on page.

Session practicals:

During the practical elements of the session, we were asked to use the above rules and methods of grids and layout to find them in existing magazine spreads, and re arrange elements to make our own.The rule of thirds was mainly used for this exercise.

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Rearranged layouts:

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