Sunday, 24 February 2013


Following the crit, me and Beth decided to visit Whittard's in Leeds to enquire on the prices of tea which would be needed to carry out the campaign. The boxes shown below, which our character flavours are based upon is £5.50 per box, and it comes in powder form so this would mean we had to make our own teabags with the powder, or find an alternative.

We asked on the options of buying empty tea bags to fill ourselves, which are available online to buy, which can be filled for use. The manager asked about our inquiry, and we briefly explained our brief, campaign and tea sale. She offered to call head office to see if they would be willing to send us any free tea, sample packs or advice. The manager took my number and she said she would call after the weekend with a response.

(Potential idea for refill packs)

- - - -

After further discussion within the group after the weekend, we decided that we would have to find alternate tea brands to use, as Whittard's were unable to assist us with the project, and we needed to find ways to reduce costs, as this would take away from our overall profit.

We looked at various supermarkets and brands, before deciding on slightly different flavours, all bought from Tesco.

These were considerably cheaper and already in individual tea bag servings unlike the chosen tea's originally from Whittard's. Flavours were changed but kept as close as possible to the original suggested flavours. Fearne Cotton has replaced Miss Piggy however. 

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