Thursday, 14 February 2013


After research, idea development and design work, I have finalised the 5 variations of cover sleeve for Jessie Ware's 'Still Love Me'. These are shown below. I have a particular favourite with the geometric triangular cover designs, with a textured or gradient pattern. I think that the textures create a more edgy look to the polished pieces. This allows the cover to reflect the artists personal style and tastes more. 

- - - -

Final Sleeve Design:

I believe the conceptual approach to design is different to other competitors who may of gone for a more literal approach such as using a heart for a focal point, eyes, lips and words associated with love/relative to the lyrics. I wanted to create an eclectic, abstract and geometric approach which enforces her music, style and passion as different yet positive, warm and enticing, whist reflecting on the style of the genre, fashion and bold, rich colour which she is often photographed in, or edited around. By not directly referring to the artist it adds mystery, but could not be mistaken or any other artist, such as Public Enemy or Nick Drake. Her music is soulful and powerful with a vibrancy to be different which is reflected.

Overall I am happy with the design, and should hopefully stand out amongst other designs for being so different, vivd and rich in pattern, shape, tone and texture as well as being strangely minimalistic. 

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