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Based on my design sheets, I began to design different variations for the sleeves. The designs are not necessarily based 100% on the design sheets, but have influenced elements which can be seen in colour, shape, pattern and imagery. 

Pattern 1, Variation 1:

Initially I opened both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I set up an art board for the correct dimensions of 190 x190mm or 2244 x 2244pixels. I ensured there was a 3mm bleed also by altering the document file.   

I chose a colour palette initially based on my design sheets. I wanted to use strong, rich, complimentary colours which reflected Jessie Ware's previous artwork, photography and style. A mix of warm and cool colours was also something I wanted to experiment with, as complimentaries and to create a mixed feeling based on the song lyrics; love and pain.

I divided the artboard using grids and rulers to gain 4 separate sections, for different variation of pattern. I wanted the shapes to be very geometric and bold; a statement. This was influenced by design sheets, and by researching previous artworks, for Jessie Ware, and similar artists in the genre, as well as my own interpretation of it. Lines were drew using the pen tool on illustrator and altered various lines' stroke to achieve this, using the grids and rulers once again to ensure the lines are of equal distance to one another.

This was repeated until the desired effect of parallel lines had been achieved at 45 degree angles. The effect is bold, geometric and striking aesthetically, due to the monochrome appearance.

I began to experiment with colour as shown above, and I felt the turquoise and black together had too much contrast, and was very harsh on the eye. I decided to duplicate all the lines and move them slightly off centre to create an almost shadowed effect. I changed the colour to a rich pink, to balance the contrast. I then replaced the turquoise background, and border. 

I thought the look achieved look was very effective, less harsh on the eye, with a strong geometric pattern. I think it looks like a bold print from 80s fashion. I repeated this process with the remaining sections of this column until I had the right aesthetic look I was aiming for. The colours used are dull pastels and each section has the alternate colour lines to the appropriate background as shown below - Blue/Pink, Pink/Blue.

Rather than using a larger variety of colours, I wanted to use slightly lighter variations too, so used appropriate shades and tints of the colour being used initially to achieve this. 

Once completed, I duplicated the column and rotated it 180 degrees, so this could be placed to the right. Both columns were then duplicated and again placed aside the previous. This created a really visually exciting, bold, geometric pattern. I was happy with the pattern, however not with the colours once put together. I felt as though they should be brighter and that the bold lines overpower the design.

It is clear through the progression of images above, various shades of colours altered. A 'nude pink' and two 'duck egg blue's' were added to various triangular shapes and lines in alternate order. I felt this gave the design a deeper and more interesting feeling, however I was still unsure about the colour choice, and decided to create another copy of the design to alter the colours more vividly.

Pattern 1, Variation 2:

I selected 4 new colours similar to the original design. However, these colours stand out more, and all work well together visually.

Still wanting the image brighter, I replaced the cream and pale with vibrant pink, and a slightly darker shade of purple, along side a rich, deep shade also. I was much happier with the colours chosen.

Pattern 1, Variation 3:

I wanted to divert attention away from the black borders on this variation by changing the black lines to appropriate colours which had previously been used on this design. I used tints and tones once again for this and was really happy with the overall aesthetics and pattern as seen below.

I feel like this is a very striking pattern, with bold, rich colour to draw attention and reflect the genre, style and aesthetics used for Jessie Wares artwork/photography/fashion.

Pattern 1, Variation 4:

I wanted to experiment with another design idea from my thumbnail sketches. I wanted to draw an illustrated eye, which was very minimal, with an altered pupil, as a love heart, in relation to the song lyrics.

I used a drawing of an eye as the basis for a shape, and then added eyelashes, colour, shading and extra detail. I only used 2 colours along black for this illustration; a charcoal colour, and a mint green.

The illustration was created using the pen tool, and I used the ellipse tool along with gradient shading to create depth. I also used the width warp tool to alter eyelashes and details with the outlining, to create subtly and depth.

I experimented with the two images I had designed which I had been happy with, however I feel like there is too much going on for a focal point, and this idea was then abandoned for further development.

However, in comparison between an illustration and geometric print, I prefer the bold pattern designs over the 'eye' design. Jessie Ware is well known for her pristine makeup and extravagant eyeliner styles, hence is a very predictable and obvious choice for a vinyl sleeve. This is something I want to steer away from.

Pattern 1, Variation 5:

After developing a print I really liked as a statement piece, as seen above, I wanted to carry on with the development, to try and achieve a more interesting and visually appealing design. 

To do this initially, I added a background to the pattern and changed the opacity to 75% so the gradient could be seen through it, affecting the tonal and visual qualities of the pattern.

Overall, I am really happy with this variation and this will be one of my 5 variations to choose from. I feel the colour, tone, style and overall appearance is stimulating, interesting and bold, whilst in keeping with the artists taste in music, style, photography and art direction as well as fashion wise.  

Variation 6:

I added song lyrics "If I make myself understood? Would you treat me like you know you should?" was added on an arc, in a font called "Ellephont". I thought it was feminine yet handwritten and not overly script based. I think the minimal approach is refreshing in comparison to the prints, however I feel this would fit the likes of Laura Marling better, with the illustrated image, and minimal colour use. I also think this is too predictable for this brief to be considered and therefore will unlikely make my final 5 variations.

Pattern 2, Variation 1:

I experimented with high contrast square patterns, however once put together it is quite harsh on the eye, and is very 60s graphics style I don't think this is appropriate for the chosen artist.

The high contrast coloured squares, and heavy alternating repetition were not aesthetically right for the sleeve desired. I developed on this idea by creating one large pattern with various shades of colour being repeated as the squares get smaller, creating an interesting, colourful, bold geometric print.

Grids and rulers were used throughout to ensure the squares were of correct size and aligned correctly. Overall I am happy this design and think it's block colours create an interesting effect, whilst being relevant.

Pattern 2, Variation 2:

Pattern 3, Variation 1:

I particularly liked the middle section of this design variation. It has been taken from a previous design shown above, and simplified at 75% opacity. You can see above the placement in the centre with slight detail on the left, which was also copied on to the right, as shown below. I feel there is more focus on fewer design elements, making the shapes, and geometric pattern stand out, and the colours appear very vibrant.  

Having a gradient in the background has given this design a different tone and overall image. The subtle change in the centre where the triangle peaks is also a nice design element. This is one of my favourite designs, and left more development options available altering textures of the background, opacities and filters which can be edited by using Photoshop opposed to illustrator. 

Variation 7:

Adapting an entirely different idea from my thumbnail sketches, I experimented with song lyrics in the shape of a heart, to be literal in a sense without overstating the shape the text flows in.

The font used is called 'Jules Love' and is a hand drawn style illustrative, playful font with heart features and details, perfect for a quirky look.

Taking inspiration from colour palettes associated with Jessie Ware as seen in my design context blog posts, regarding research, I put together swatches of appropriate colours which will be used. They are vibrant, playful and positive.

I began by adding drawn shapes to a cream background using Illustrator. I decided against using hearts as the text flows in the shape of a heart, so decided to focus on minimalistic shapes which could be layered in different colours, angles and positions.

The colour swatches above were used for the illustrations and type.

After layering and resizing the illustrations I finally achieved a colourful design with a minimalistic touch. This could be seen as obvious however the song lyrics help detract from this, and it appears happy and playful like the imagery. However, I am unsure if the lyrics used are too closely associated with the artist to be used as a successful submission.

Variation 8:

The design above was edited again on Photoshop adding a texture and using filters on the layers to create a deeper, textured look and feel. This also changed the tone of colour used for the text and illustrations, giving an almost inverted look.

Pattern 4, Variation 1:

I used the same section of the previous design and used a texture I made previously for the background. I used no filter on these layers as I really liked the bold contrast, vibrant colours and geometric aesthetics. I feel there is appropriate colour balance, and appropriate balance of pattern and texture. My favourite variation as of yet.

Pattern 5, Variation 2:

I used the same process as above here, but used a filter on the middle design element. I applied the 'hard light' filter on Photoshop to create a bright, light contrast. I love the contrast, however the entire design is now all various shades and tones of red/pink/purple which I think could potentially be too much, and could be balanced out with a much cooler colour.

Pattern 5, Variation 3:

The same as above was applied to a blue texture of a wall, which has chalk on. I feel this variation gives a much calmer feeling due to the cooler colours and tones used, leaving pastel colours opposed to bright. I really like the overall look of this and will no doubt be included in my final 5 variations, However, my preference is still with the pink, vibrant backgrounds as shown above.
- - - -

I visualised the sleeve designs onto a image of a vinyl, so see what it could potentially look like. These were laid out on an A3 document and printed in preparation for the crit, This also enabled myself and others to see which designs worked and stood out from the others when printed.

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