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You have been given a task. You are required to produce a graphics response that engages with a specific audience. Your response should consider the context and environment in which you aim for it to be delivered. You will need to identify this as part of your initial concept proposal.
You should aim to identify, analyse and use existing means of distributions in order to select an appropriate method of communication.  
What do you want to say? How do you intend to say it? What language would be appropriate?
Will the content be communicated primarily through type or image? If it is both what is the relationship between the two?   
What are you aiming to achieve? Are you directing your audience to a website, encouraging them to attend an event? Will it be interactive or encouraging them to change their lifestyle?
A limited colour pallet, two colours plus stock, will allow for reproduction of your designs across a range of media.

You should resolve this problem by the deadline stated below. However, if you have plans to extend the scope and ambition of your response beyond this deadline you should include these proposals in your presentation
Group 9:
Danielle Muntyan
Sarah Heal
Beth Dalzell
Laura Jane Bruce
Harrison Park       
We gathered together after the briefing for a quick chat and discussion as to direction and initial thoughts:
Health Benefits, 4 a Day
Screen Printing with Tea
We decided to think over night and gather basic research on tea for a specific area of interest, and then re group on Weds to discuss further ideas/thoughts on concepts.
I decided to research Health Benefits of drinking tea, and green teas. This can be seen on my design context blog.
- - - -
After a second meeting in regards to the brief at hand, we all fed back individual feedback on topics researched, and attempted to gain a clear perspective on an idea/concept. 
There was some agreement over the concept becoming an info graphic as the group felt it should be a strong message communicated by a product and a campaign through social networking and print based advertisements.
The intial idea we came up with as a group was to design different characters for different ranges of people, and have these characters reflecting a certain person, age, gender etc which is reflected by taste, blend and design. We initially thought of designing cups/flavours to promote and encourage drinking tea for health benefits and for pleasure depending on the character/person at hand. 
We left the meeting with a list of research topics for members of the group, as shown below:
Laura: Cup Designs
Beth: Tea suiting different characters/ages, for example, Grandma would drink Ear Grey, Mum would drink Chamomile, Children would drink Ice Tea, and Teenagers could drink Flavoured or Herbal, etc.
Sarah and Danielle: Ties with social networks for campaigns and advertising a product. Print campaigns, online advertising, general mass advertising, mail shots, etc. 

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