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Background/Considerations: You need people to see your work and the essence of Graphic Design is communication. There is no value in producing work for it to be placed in a draw. Often the best work or best ideas are the ones that people have seen. You must get used to distributing your work at any available opportunity.

Remember design is about doing.

This is an opportunity to visually and conceptually exploit every possible angle of your ideas. We are expecting a visual feast of ideas before you even consider resolving the problem.

Mandatory Requirements: 
Final resolution as specified in the competition brief. 
Examples of the sleeves you didn't select to enter.
A minimum of 30 thumbnails of possible design treatments and supporting design development work.
Documentation on your blog and design sheets.

5 visual variations of the record sleeve.
Supporting work.
- - - -

About Secret 7"

Secret 7" is a project that combines music and art. After their success in 2012 the team are back with a new line up of artists, a new set of tracks and a charity partner.

The brief:

Secret 7" are inviting creatives from around the globe to take inspiration from one of the tracks from the artists below and design an original 7 inch vinyl sleeve. 

The sleeve must not feature the name of the artist or title of the track.

Submit by Feb 18th, 10am.

Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Elton John - Bennie and the Jets
Naz - The Don
Jessie Ware - Still Love Me
Haim - Better Off
Laura Marling - The Beast
Nick Drake - Rider on the Wheel

How Secret 7" Will Choose:

Secret 7" will select from all qualified submissions with special consideration for the top voted entries. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms and Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.


Participants may submit art or a photograph.

Entries must not include text relating to the host artist nor song title.
Create the front of the 7" sleeve - only this will be visible in the gallery.
Dimensions should be 184mmx184mm with a 3mm bleed, so 190x190mm. The bleed will not be shown on the front of the sleeve so please don't design anything in this area that you want to be visible.

Original submission files must be produced in CMYK, 300dpi and either Tiff, JPEG or EPS formats.
Participants may retain their original work should they be the chosen winner.
Submissions must be original.
Participants must include a description about their submission.

- - - -

For this brief, I aim to design a series of vinyl sleeves for Jessie Ware. These are to be done with a conceptual approach, rather than a literal approach, mimicking the colours, patterns, genre and style associated with the chosen artist. I want to design something eye catching and vibrant, engaging with the audience in hope that they pick up the sleeve if on a shelf.


Monday: Brief given, initial research and idea production.
Tuesday: Thumbnails to be drawn, in response to chosen artist/song and further research.
Weds: Idea development (illustrator and photoshop)
Thursday: Further idea development in preparation for crit, and blogging development work. Print final variations for crit.
Friday: Studio deadline and crit.

Any alterations, and final blogging after the crit will be blogged over the weekend, and then submitted on Sunday via the Secret 7 website.

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