Friday, 1 March 2013


After 2 weeks of working as a group for the Communication is Virus brief, we had a power-crit with Simon and 2 other groups, with different topics to explain our ideas/campaign and get a fresh take on it from other students, as well as catch up with Simon on how it is going and as to what stage we are currently at.

We presented design boards with variations of Promotional material for menu's, posters and mail shots, as well as a mock up cup which can be seen below. The tea bag and illustration have been mocked up to show how the tea bag may look, however we are going to work on different options to make it more sturdy. You can also see the belly band which has been put together by Laura.

Overall it was positive and constructive, with no negative feedback. Some topics which were raised were:

- Keeping costs low of sellable products
- College contributions for charity (Printing Credits for printing promotional material. Recommended we speak to Mike Flower or Dan Hill the head of the IT department)
- Charity/Donation Box to raise extra money for Comic Relief
- Biscuits/snacks available to buy for extra cost
- 'Charitea' stickers on balloons also

These were topics raised by Simon/other students which are very constructive. With a week left we are excited for Thursday to see how well the tea-sale goes, and to see how much money we can raise with our celebrity teas!

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