Friday, 22 March 2013


This was the proposal for the initial concept pitch for this brief. Sarah Butler and myself were to make a duo of cookery books, one specialising on baking.

Below are the boards for my idea:

Every first year student on the BA(Hons) Graphic Design course at LCA are faced with a brief entitiled “Typogateaux”. it is an annual competition in which al; three years of the course participate in, so some students will of gone through this particular brief twice previously leaving them ahead of the game. To try and make an impression and win the award, coming up with typographically designed cakes can be hard work from initial research to production.

The purpose of this book is to make first year’s students prepared and excited for the brief, with fun and simple recipies to follow, and ideas for cake designs which can be inspiring and adapted, or even re made.

The recipies will be a wide variety, allowing the book to also be used as a general everyday baking book also, whilst featuring sections based on typogateaux.

I also want to include a variety of theoretical pages, money saving tips and an advice page.



The book will feature a variety of recipies for standard sponge bases or buscuit bases known to be used for cakes, cupcakes, etc, and which can be adapted to any shape and design for typogateaux. I want the book to be fun and appealing, with a hand drawn, illustrative style, keeping it fresh, young, and interesting visually, and through it’s content.

The idea is to make students lives easier when preparing for typogateaux, and personal baking of course. It will show ideas for cake designs which will hopefully inspire the reader. The book will have two purposes, encouraging the baking activity, for those who are interested, and serve a purpose with students research and production of the annual typogateaux competition. By adding features such as money saving tips on ingredients and baking advice for the perfect sponge, etc, it will be eductional and informative. 

The baking book will be unique to others which are currently on the market, as no other book, or blog has cake recipies for typogateaux competiions, being ran by LCA.

It would be exclusive to students initially, being aimed at a young designer audience, and could either be given out or bought if desired when the brief is set.

As students on this course are extremely busy, it can be a chore to find time to bake and produce a cake for typogateaux, so I am aiming for this to entice students to be interested and encouraged to participate.

Recipes will be able to be used for everyday home baking, such as cupcakes, giving the book additional purpose. Money, tips and advice and ingredients advice will be included in seperate sections also.

I plan on keeping the book fun and aesthetically pleasing, keeping body copy to a minimum.

It will be put together digitally and printed and bound. 

Feedback/Final Proposal:

Both mine and Sarah's ideas were liked, but we were advised to work separately for the project as the tutors thought the content was too dissimilar, even if the aesthetics were designed in collaboration. 

I aim to further develop my idea and condense the amount of content. I also would like to look into illustration for this book.

The title will be 'A Guide to Typogateaux' and the concept remains the same as the original pitch, however I am now working alone.

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