Monday, 4 March 2013


After a further discussion with the group, we narrowed the 6 design ideas down to a final 2, and combined elements to produce the final design which the group collectively agreed on.

We all decided that the details at the bottom of the red menu on the left were placed well and suited the minimalist, centralised style chosen. Using the Leeds College of Art logo also gave the cause and the campaign a more personal touch and much more appealing, whilst showing the College are supporting such a fantastic cause. The overall design was complimented and to be used. An alteration was to be made however; replacing the 'Lobster' font used for "flavoured celebrity tea" to 'Cubano' as shown on the menu to the right. We felt it exuded 'tea' more so than the cursive type.

This is the final menu to be used on the day of the tea sale.

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