Friday, 1 March 2013


Following a group discussion earlier on in the week, I was made responsible for designing initial variations of the menu's for the tea stall.

The fonts decided on to use as a group were Cubano and Edmondsans from Lost Type. I also used the font Lobster to create a different tone and feel for some of the variations. This was to break away from the Sans Serif Modernist look, however my group may not approve of the additional typeface.

The logo was created by Harrison and this was used in black and red throughout.

Red Colour Code: 


This ensured all type/illustrations would be the same colour scheme, as different elements are to be designed by different members of the group.

I wanted to keep the menu's minimal and to the point, in keeping with the rest of the promotional material.

Points to include were:

- Cause/Charity
- Logo
- Cost
- Celebrities
- Relevant tea flavours

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